Addiction Centers

Celebrate Recovery
Faith based program that encourages celebration of God’s healing power. In this group participants share experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. This is a Christ centered 12 step group for anyone facing hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Celebrate Recovery is not just for those struggling with addiction, it is for anyone who wants support and healing from a variety of different types of hurts.

Northern Hills
7:00PM 5061 E. 160th Ave. Brighton
Tuesdays 6:00 Free Dinner followed by group which starts at 7:00PM

Crossroads Church
Thursdays, 7-9PM in room 201
53 E. 128th Thornton

Addicts R Us
8451 N. Pearl St. Denver, Co
(303) 249-7144

Acacia Counseling
1600 Downing St. #300 Denver, Co
(303) 861-9378

2640 W 26th Ave #13C, Denver, Co
((303) 321-8788

Alcoholics Anonymous
2785 N. Speer Blvd #224 Denver, Co
(303) 322-4440

Cocaine Anonymous
(303) 421-5120

Denver Cares
1155 Cherokee Denver, Co
(303) 436-3500

First Step Counseling
10292 S Progress Way Parker, Co
(303) 840-2636

Harvest House Ranch
5532 Hwy 36 Estes Park
(970) 586-1745
Long term treatment for women with children

Narcotics Anonymous
1290 Williams, Denver
(303) 832-3784

Strategies for Healing, Inc.
1660 S Albion St. Denver, Co
(303) 564-6251

Serenity Level 1&2
2255 S Wadsworth #3G, Lakewood Co
(303) 838-3633

Peer I
• Therapeutic community for men
• Licensed by the Colorado Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD)
• Clients do not have to be referred from the criminal justice system
• 12 months residen¬tial treatment, followed by an additional 12 months of outpatient
• Offer opioid replacement therapy
• Long-term outcomes are very positive—recidivism rates for clients who have successfully completed treatment at Peer I are among the lowest in the state
• Peer I also offers a short-track program that involves a six month stay in residential treatment and four months of outpatient treatment (This program is designed for clients who are not serving a community corrections sentence but could benefit from the structure and support that Peer I provides)
Phone: 720-283-3695
The Haven
• Modified Therapeutic Community (MTC) for women, mothers and their infants
• Clients do not have to be referred from the criminal justice system
• 9 to 12 months in residential treatment, followed by an additional 12 months of outpatient
• Long-term outcomes are very positive—90.1 percent of clients who enter The Haven remain drug-, alcohol-, and crime-free two years after completion
Admissions Counselor Phone: (303) 866-7252 or (303) 867-9255 Fax: (303) 866-7258

Arapahoe House
Arapahoe House offers financial assistance and scholarships determined by your ability to pay for services. Financial assistance often results in reduced fees. Arapahoe House also accepts insurance and Medicaid. Arapahoe House Programs listed below. You can call 303-657-3700 for both programs.

• The Wright Center
• Transitional residential treatment program for 30 to 90 days
• Must work 20 or more hours a week
• Healing First
• Intensive residential treatment for 1-4 weeks

Stout Street Foundation
• Highly structured, behavioral modification program
• 2-3 years
• Foundation Phone: 303-321-2533
• Serenity – Program of Stout Street Foundation
• $5,000 28-Day program

Phone: 303-468-6188

Step 13
• Employment-based transitional living program for men
• Nominal fee for unlimited residence
• Phone: (303) 295-7837

Salvation Army ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center)
• No cost, 6-month residential (no employment)
• Age limit: 18-60
• Phone: 303-296-2456

Center of Hope
• Highly structured, faith-based 1-year program
• No tobacco, psychotropic meds or employment; fasting 2 days/week, 3x/day prayer, 3x/day church
• No cost
• Phone: 303-274-6317

Harmony Foundation
• 30-Day intensive program for men and women
• Payment plans and insurance accepted
• Phone: 303-825-2023

Sobriety House
• Intensive 28-Day program ($3,500)
• Transitional 6-month program ($60/day)
• The women’s home is called Stepping Stone
• Insights at the Phoenix Concept – program of the Sobriety House
• Co-occurring disorder treatment for men
• Medicaid or private pay
• Phone: 720-3814337

Teen Challenge (180 Ministries)
• Highly structured, faith-based 1-year program
• No psychotropic meds, tobacco or employment
• $600 entry fee + $1,800/month sponsorship (“honest effort in raising support”)
• Phone: 303-744-3986

West Pines (Lutheran Medical Center)
• 14-day program ($9,000)
• Phone: 303-467-4080

CeDAR (University of Colorado Hospital)
• 31-day treatment ($24,000); 90-day ($40,000)
• Phone: 866-464-0052


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